about the artist…

Kelley Farlow is a Professional Makeup Artist, Clean Beauty Expert, Natural Skincare Blogger and Polaroid Originals Photographer based in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. With a little over 10+ years of professional experience, Kelley has worked on a variety of different sets. She offers both Airbrush and Traditional HD Makeup for film, print, commercial, runway, editorial and celebrities.

Originally from Richmond, VA, she began her makeup career in 2008 when she teamed up with close hometown friend and photographer, Marcus Hyde. Kelley spent the following 4 years doing makeup and grooming in the fashion industry for Marcus Hyde’s photo shoots throughout New York, Miami, DC, and Virginia…

Kelley’s advocacy and passion for clean beauty and natural, non-toxic skincare first started when her oldest sister, Caroline, was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2011… being the middle of 5 siblings, Kelley has always treasured the unique relationships she shares with each of them which made her educational journey into safe skincare almost instinctual. Her sister Caroline successfully completed chemo and radiation therapy treatments and has remained cancer free since.

“When my oldest sister was diagnosed, it was a huge wakeup call to look beneath the surface to everything we expose ourselves to externally… even though many cancers are attributed to genetics, I still strongly believe that if we consciously act as our own advocates when it comes to not just what we put IN our bodies, but ON our skin as well, we’re moving closer to an entirely new level of clean and conscious healthy living where disease and hormonal-disruption prevention is more and more controllable.”

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In 2013, Kelley extended her makeup and hair styling skills to the wedding industry where she spent the next few years traveling all up and down the east coast for hundreds of bridal clients. In 2015, Kelley moved to Charleston, SC to launch her creative agency, Ruby & Saint Media, and to join the Paper Dolls Wedding Hair & Makeup Team as one of their Key Airbrush Makeup Artists.

In January 2018, Kelley sold and donated everything that didn’t fit in her car, then drove across country to move to Los Angeles and continue her creative and artistic pursuits. Kelley is currently still based out of Los Angeles, CA but is often in San Francisco and New York City for makeup bookings.

In addition to her ethereal makeup artistry and natural skincare expertise, Kelley is also well recognized for her Photography and Art Directing work. Kelley regularly accepts commissions for her Polaroid Originals film work, which she captures exclusively with the Vintage Polaroid Originals Cameras that she’s acquired over the last couple years… CLICK HERE to see Kelley’s 2018 Polaroid Originals photography work… or to request to book Kelley for makeup or polaroids, submit a request form HERE.

“I love capturing photos, but makeup has always felt more effortless and even therapeutic to me… I stopped accepting most booking requests for photography and directing as of 2019, but if a brand or artist I really vibe with contacts me for a paid project, I make exceptions if my schedule allows… but if I’m being honest, I really only love shooting film on really old cameras; there’s just something so special about capturing on film with an old / used camera…”