Product Review: 'Pacific Face Oil' by True Nature Bontanicals

I began incorporating several products from TNB’s Pacific Skincare line into my morning and evening routines a few weeks ago, and it’s been a great reminded of just how important the quality and purity of a product’s ingredients are.  Yes, using products with all natural and non-toxic ingredients is a good baseline for your skincare standards; however, the quality and potency of those ingredients are equally important.  Why?  Because those factors are what truly deliver incredible results.  As I mentioned in my Pacific Lip Treatment Product ReviewTNB spends at least 5 times more on their ingredients than the leading luxury skincare brands…  

In a recent Independent Scientific Clinical Study (a randomized, comparative, double blind trial), TNB’s Pacific Face Oil out performed the iconic Crème de La Mer across the board on every test measurement — from wrinkle reduction to increased hydration.  Check out the summary of the results after 45 days of consistently using the Pacific Face Oil

(1)  Reduces fine lines and wrinkles by:  22.6% (compared to 17.6% with La Mer)

(2)  Reduces facial pore size by:  10.1% (compared to 6.2% with La Mer)

(3)  Increases facial hydration by:  40.6% (compared to 36.4% with La Mer)

(4)  Increases facial smoothness by:  20.5% (compared to 18.0% with La Mer)

(5)  Increases facial elasticity by:  12.8%  (compared to 12.6% with La Mer)

"When measuring reduction of congestion and redness, La Mer participants showed a 5.8% increase in Erythema (facial inflammation & redness) vs. a decrease of .9% using Pacific Face Oil.  La Mer participants also showed a 29% increase in pore congestion whereas the Pacific Face Oil showed no statistically significant increase in congestion.”

Why I love this product…

After several weeks of using the Pacific Face Oil, I can absolutely agree that it delivers an array of noticeable complexion improvements.  As someone with sensitive and seasonally dry skin, I’m very particular about what products I put on my face; especially on a daily basis.  From cleansing, to toning, to moisturizing, to makeup — I refuse to compromise when it comes to the effectiveness and safety of a skincare product.  

Even after the first few days of using TNB’s Pacific Face Oil, I noticed an immediate glow in my complexion.  It keeps my skin feeling hydrated, nourished and balanced all day.  It also makes a fantastic base for flawless makeup application.  Whether you prefer liquid, creme or powder foundations and concealers, the Pacific Face Oil gives your skin a fresh, dewy, bright appearance.  

What makes it different from other oils… 

The Pacific Face Oil combines therapeutic seed oils with marine antioxidants to bring hydration, balance and protection to the skin’s top layers.  This powerhouse product softens dry skin, restores balance in oily skin, calms and repairs blemish or acne prone skin, and even minimized pore size.  It’s truly a multi-tasking product that a variety of complexion types can use and achieve amazing results. 

Key ingredients…

Chia Seed Oil + Kiwi Seed Oil — Both rich sources of Omega-3 fatty acids which are imperative for the strengthening of cell membrane barriers.  Why are strong membrane barriers important?  Good membrane protective function enables your cells to better absorb water and nutrients, while simultaneously keeping toxins out.  End result, a healthy, soft, radiant complexion! 

Passion Fruit Oil + Papaya Seed Oil — These tropical seed oils are cold-pressed to maintain maximum nutrient value.  Both seed oils are rich in Omega 6, Omega 9, Potassium and Vitamins A and C.  Their molecular structure enable them to penetrate skin quickly, while their enzymes work to reduce impurities and excess sebum (oil produced from your pores). 

Marine EFAs™ — True Nature Botanicals’ unique proprietary blend of essential fatty acids (EFAs), which includes the Omega-3 essential fatty acids EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid).  It also contains one of the very few non-fish sources of these EFAs.  

Together, these super ingredients deliver unsurpassable skin nourishing, renewing and protecting results.  TNB never uses harmful chemicals, toxins, or fillers.  They leave out pore-clogging waxes, as well as water because it can evaporate and cause your skin to dry out.  They also exclude all nut oils that can go bad when exposed to UV rays.  

You can purchase the Pacific Face Oil directly from their website.  A 1oz. bottle goes for $110.00, and will last you months.  Just as a comparison, a 1oz. jar of the Crème de La Mer goes for $160… this is the same product that the Pacific Face Oil surpassed in the Independent Scientific Clinical Study I mentioned earlier.  

You can also purchase the Pacific Face Oil in TNB’s Pacific Desert Island Duet featured below:

This power duet includes a 1oz. bottle of the Face Oil, along with a 2oz. bottle of the Pacific Everyday Sheer Coverage, SPF 20, (available in tint shades, Light and Medium).  I’ll be reviewing the Pacific Everyday Sheer Coverage, SPF 20 next, but just as a quick intro, the Everyday Sheer Coverage nourishes and protects while providing naturally radiant, matte, sheer coverage.

To learn more about True Nature Botanicals and browse their incredible line of Pacific Skincare products, visit their website.  You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter

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