When it comes to skincare, compromising the integrity, quality and safety of the ingredients is never an option for me. The first thing I explain to my skincare and makeup clients is that our skin is our body’s largest organ; absorbing everything we apply to it… so to me, it seems counterproductive to use “skinCARE” products with harmful ingredients that in actuality, aren’t taking care of our skin at all. This is why I review products from companies like NIU BODY who understand that true beauty comes from within, in every sense of the phrase.

From a longtime facial serum and oil lover / advocate, I’m truly impressed with NIU BODY’s GLOW Luminizing Facial Serum and how rich yet lightweight and intensely hydrating it feels. My skin immediately looks brighter, more even toned, and perfectly moisturized…

Our pores naturally produce a unique sebaceous oil to protect and repair… so it’s important to understand and appreciate our body’s capabilities by using clean skincare that supports the natural healthy state of our complexions. Even though I have a very dry, sensitive, complexion naturally, not all oils and serum type products are created equally. When you’re not using a clean, quality oil or serum, your skin troubles can either worsen or take on reverse effects. For example, petroleum or mineral based formulas can suffocate and clog pores, stimulating your pores to over-produce the naturally occurring sebaceous oils, which further contributes to breakouts, blemishes, blackheads, etc.

NIU BODY formulates their GLOW Luminizing Serum with a thoughtful blend of organic jojoba oil, organic camellia oil, and organic bergamot essential oil. This pore-minimizing, antioxidant-packed combination delivers noticeable results beginning from the first application. A little bit goes a long way, so be mindful to only use between 2-5 drops per application.

Another thing I love about the GLOW Serum, is how beautifully is mixes with creme or liquid foundation and concealer…

— although, I’m fairly confident once you try it, you’re going to feel radiant and glowing enough you’ll want to skip the makeup and show off that no filter needed, beautifully-bare face!

NIU BODY’s full collection of Facial Serums currently includes 3 versatile blends, providing organic, quality skincare to a multitude of different skin types and complexion needs….

  1. GLOW Luminizing Facial Serum formulated with organic jojoba oil + organic camellia oil + organic bergamot essential oil….

  2. HYDRATE Moisturizing Serum formulated with organic pumpkin seed oil + organic sweet almond oil + organic lavender essential oil….

  3. BOOST Regenerating Serum formulated with organic rosehip oil + organic grapeseed oil + organic geranium essential oil….

All of NIU BODY’s products are formulated with safe non-toxic ingredients that are always free from parabens, sulfates, artificial preservatives, synthetic fragrances, animal by-products and testing. I absolutely, 100% would recommend NIU BODY to any of my clients!

Thanks for reading! As always, if you’re interested in making the switch to a clean, nontoxic beauty and skincare routine, just send me an email here!

Till next time beauties, keep glowing and learn to love the skin you’re in!